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Quality & Environment

ISO certificates

Links to our ISO certificates:

SS-EN ISO 9001:2015 (PDF)

SS-EN ISO 14001:2015(PDF)

Environmental policy

  • Slangspecialisten AB aims to supply the market with industrial hoses, couplings and specially designed or customised solutions and pursuing an active environmental policy is a natural part of our day-to-day operations.
  • When making purchases of hoses and peripheral components, fuel and vehicles inside the framework of our business concept, we shall choose alternatives that are green, eco-labelled or have the latest environmental classification.
  • We shall strive to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels linked to transport by planning trips with the goal of reducing mileage and adopt eco-driving practices.
  • We shall implement green waste management practices at the company.
  • We shall strive to ensure that our suppliers and partners have a high level of environmental awareness.
  • We shall prevent pollution by servicing our equipment and handling chemicals in a safe manner and thereby we undertake to protect the environment.
  • We shall adopt a long-term approach to our improvement work, and observe and follow internal and external requirements and applicable laws and other binding requirements that affect the company’s environmental work.

Quality policy

Slangspecialisten AB is committed to providing the market with industrial hoses, couplings as well as custom and customized solutions, and we look for active quality work as a matter of course in our daily operations. The following values ​​should characterize our organization and our quality work:


We will work disciplined and responsible from order to delivery, which means we can offer the right products, fast delivery and good service.
We will earn and win the customer's trust by taking into account and complying with internal and external requirements, applicable legislation and other binding requirements. We will be an attractive partner that will focus the customer's needs and wishes.
We will be a workplace where respect for each other prevails, ensuring a good working environment.
Our staff should have good skills in the work being carried out and the equipment used must have good technical and environmental performance. We will work with subcontractors that meet our high quality standards and contribute to our competitive range.
We will have clear and good communication with our customers to create long-term business relationships. We will maintain high availability for our customers and handle any discrepancies and complaints in a way that prevents problems and makes the customer happy.